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Worldwide Data


Worldwide Data

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In locations where direct measurements of oceanographic and meteorological conditions are not available, hindcast model simulations of past conditions are a good source of metocean data.

A combination of wave generation and propagation models, tidal models, ocean/atmosphere models with known wind and tidal states are used to simulate accurate estimates of historic conditions. The models are coupled to worldwide databases. The model solutions provide complete spatial coverage and good temporal resolution of the evolving wave, wind and tidal climates.

For disaster management plans, port operations and offshore engineering works, short-term to medium term predictions of metocean conditions are highly helpful. Such information will also benefit the tourism industry, commercial fishing and boating operations and improve the safety and management of harbour operations. eCoast can provide model simulations of short-term forecasts of the metocean conditions of any global location or develop a forecasting system that suits your requirements.

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