eCoast’s consultants are experts at understanding and quantifying the forces that act to shape the world’s coastlines. At the heart of our consultancy lies a profound commitment to integrated coastal management, recognising the imperative need for strategic beach protection rooted in a thorough understanding of coastal processes.

The coast is an incredibly complex and dynamic area. The requirement for an accurate assessment of coastal processes is imperative for social and economic stability, as well as sustainable development. eCoast believes developing hybrid solutions and plans that incorporate the management of resources from above the high tide line to well beyond the breaker zone and beyond the immediate area is fundamental to success.

Our holistic methodology lays the foundation for a meticulous understanding, facilitating in-depth studies that culminate in rational conclusions. This approach empowers clients with the necessary information for conscientious decision-making, embodying eCoast's commitment to providing valuable insights for coastal resilience and protection management strategies.

Key components of our methodology encompass rigorous field data collection, numerical modelling amalgamating existing and new data, and the development of robust physical and biological monitoring plans. This holistic framework is pivotal for applying adaptive management principles, ensuring that our solutions not only address current challenges but also evolve in response to dynamic environmental conditions.


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