eCoast excels in coastal hazard assessment, boasting over four decades of cumulative experience. Working closely with New Zealand councils, the company navigates diverse coastal hazard policies, addressing setbacks, inundation, erosion, tsunamis, and flooding. Through extensive data mining from authoritative sources, eCoast conducts site-specific Coastal Hazard Assessments (CHAs), aligning with council requirements. While some councils contribute relevant data, eCoast emphasizes the necessity of site-specific CHAs led by qualified coastal engineers. 

The company's innovative toolkit encompasses calculators, automated systems, GIS databases, and adaptive approaches that continually evolve to address the dynamic challenges of changing coastlines. We understand the coast through synthesising literature and data from various authorities, while we innovate through our eCoast's commitment to refining tools and methodologies. In the sustain phase, eCoast adapts to the evolving landscape of climate change (CC) and sea-level rise (SLR), recognizing the uniqueness of each site and tailoring assessments accordingly. 

eCoast’s dedication to staying at the forefront of coastal hazard assessment ensures informed, consistent, and adaptive strategies for managing the impacts of CC and SLR on coastal communities.


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