eCoast is a New Zealand-based marine and freshwater consultancy providing expert technical and advisory services to both public and private sector clients in NZ, Australasia, the Pacific and around the world.

eCoast’s consultants have a wide range of oceanographic and aquatic expertise and experience in both physical and biological processes, with core areas of high-level expertise.


  • HYDRODYNAMICS and NUMERICAL MODELLING of coastal hazards, coastal processes, estuaries, rivers and lakes, and environmental impacts – dispersion (effluent, oil, hyper-saline plumes, chemicals, pollutants, and others),  tides, waves sediment transport, erosion/accretion, beaches, coastal structures, dredging, flooding, water-quality, impacts on mangroves/seagrass and a range of other parameters in 2D and 3D.
  • BEACH PROTECTION STRATEGIES AND CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION – development of holistic adaptive management plans for existing conditions and sea level rise resilience and adaptation, including hybrid-solutions combining the most compatible physical and biological solutions for each specific site.
  • COASTAL HAZARDS  ASSESSMENT – analysis of extreme waves and water levels, coastal erosion assessments, design of coastal structures to withstand extreme events, application of best practice guidelines for sea level rise and climate change adaptation in tropical and temperate coastal environments.
  • TSUNAMI HAZARD ANALYSIS AND MODELLING – development of tsunami sources, propagation and inundation modelling, tsunami hazard assessments and tsunami effects in ports and harbours.
  • FRESHWATER SYSTEMS – modelling of watersheds, residential and urban storm water flows and riverine flood modelling as well as freshwater sampling and water quality monitoring.
  • FIELD DATA COLLECTION – experience and capacity to collect data pertaining to waves, currents, salinity, bathymetry, sediment suspension, and the whole range of additional parameters.
  • MONITORING AND BIO-STATISTICS – design and capacity for monitoring of biological and physical processes and impacts due to coastal developments.
  • SURF SCIENCE AND SURF BREAK MANAGEMENT – eCoast consultants are the world’s leading technical and scientific group concerning surf science and surf break management including the classification of surf break quality, surf break mechanics, the impact of coastal activities, amenity value and surf break protection.
  • EXPERT WITNESSES – providing experience and evidence in physical and biological processes for legal cases.

    Whaingaroa(Raglan) Rivers Forecast

    Whaingaroa(Raglan) Rivers Forecast

    Surf Break Research MBIE

    Surf Break Research MBIE

    Lyall Bay

    Lyall Bay

    Castlecliff Coastal Management

    Castlecliff Coastal Management



    Innate knowledge of the coast and surf zone.

    Bridging the gap between physical process and marine ecological impacts.

    Providing technical specialist advice on marine community diversity and functionality.

    Holistic approach considering catchment to coast.

    Multipurpose reef design and development.


    Evaluations of surfing wave quality, practised experts in surf break protection and leaders in surf science.




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