As sea levels rise, posing a global threat to coastal infrastructure and amenities, eCoast stands as a proactive advocate for sustainable solutions. Future projections indicate an escalating challenge, emphasising the imperative need to address sea-level rise in all coastal projects, aligning with governmental recommendations. Anticipating a future where coastal assets must be safeguarded, relocated, or responsibly abandoned, our team remains at the forefront of sea-level rise science. 

We collaborate closely with clients, ensuring projects adhere to governmental guidelines and industry best practices. While sea-level rise projections present challenges for New Zealand's coasts, tropical islands face even graver circumstances. Extreme warm-water episodes have triggered widespread coral reef bleaching, accelerated erosion and diminished the reefs' capacity for wave breaking. The combination of rising sea levels and heightened wave energy poses severe threats to shorelines, particularly for islands with elevations just meters above sea level. 

eCoast has undertaken impactful climate change and sea-level rise adaptation projects in tropical environments, partnering with national governments and prominent NGOs such as the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank. Our mission is to deliver sustainable solutions, empowering island communities to navigate this existential environmental threat.


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