For nearly three decades, eCoast’s consultants have been actively innovating the discipline of coastal structures. Our unwavering commitment to engineering with nature, rather than against it, defines our approach, ensuring that our solutions are not only effective but also sustainable, with minimal impact on the coastal environment.

The Gold Coast Reef at Narrowneck in Queensland, Australia, stands as a testament to our expertise, winning the State Environmental Award in 2000. This project, where eCoast played a pivotal role in design, achieved a threefold extension of the beach renourishment scheme, showcasing our ability to translate innovative designs into award-winning, practical solutions.

Our consultants took on a crucial role as Coastal Engineer/Scientist for the Tongan and Marshall Islands components of the Pacific Community’s Global Climate Change Alliance: Pacific Small Island States (GCCA: PSIS). This impactful program received the 2019 Energy Globe Award, a prestigious recognition for its outstanding contributions to peer-to-peer learning in climate change adaptation across Pacific communities.

At eCoast, we go beyond conventional engineering. Our comprehensive services encompass environmental studies, shape designs, specialised engineering design, and impact studies, translating visionary designs into tangible, environmentally conscious practices. Our key areas of specialization, including Coastal Protection Options Assessment, Coastal Hazard Assessment, and Integrated Coastal Management Plans, reflect our multifaceted expertise in creating resilient solutions for coastal environments.


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