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About Us

We develop sustainable solutions by understanding and quantifying natural systems, applying state-of-the-art science, engineering, tools and techniques in order to sustain the quality of life for present and future generations.


eCoast is at the forefront of marine consulting

We aim to continue to provide word-leading and high-quality outcomes in our niche area of expertise by providing innovative, robust and sustainable solutions for our clients and the global community.

World leading experts

100+ years of combined experience in the aquatic environment.

Locally based, globally minded

We provide services to clients in NZ, Australasia, the Pacific and around the world.

Cultivating innovation

1000+ technical reports completed on past projects.

Strategic diversification

eCoast’s consultants have a wide range of oceanographic and aquatic expertise.

Specialised skills

85 legal cases whereby eCoast provided expert witness evidence.

Future thinking

We apply the most up-to-date knowledge in our areas of consulting.

Deep scientific understanding

150+ peer-reviewed papers published to scientific journals.

Sustainable development

Taking an integrated approach allows us to ensure sustainability of the coastal zone.

Meet Our Team

  • Shaw Mead

    Managing Director, Environmental Scientist

    Dr. Shaw Mead’s more than 25 years of experience and background is in coastal oceanography and marine ecology allows him to effectively bridge the multi-disciplinary gap between physical processes and marine ecological impacts.

  • Jose Borrero

    Director, Senior Consultant

    Dr. Jose Borrero has over 20 years experience in coastal consulting, specialising in coastal hazards including tsunamis, coastal flooding, erosion and adaptation to sea level rise. He has experience in numerical/physical modelling and surf science.

  • Ed Atkin

    Director, Oceanographer

    Ed Atkin’s diverse academic background provides a multidisciplinary understanding of marine science. His experience as a field technician and consultant means he understands the feasibility and budgetary requirements of commercial projects.

  • Dougal Greer

    Director, Oceanographer

    With a background in mathematical and computational sciences such as physics, statistics and adaptive systems, Dougal Greer has a fundamental understanding of the principles governing physical oceanic processes.

  • David Phillips

    Senior Consultant, Civil Engineer, CPEng

    Dave is actively involved in research, consulting and lecturing and is a Chartered Professional Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand, as well a past associate member of the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors.

  • Tim Haggitt

    Environmental Scientist

    Tim Haggitt’s core area of research expertise lies in sub-tidal rocky reef and soft sediment community ecology. This has led to a range of published papers in international journals and numerous technical reports over the last 12 years.

  • Sam O'Neil


    Sam O’Neill’s passion for the ocean and coastal environment, together with his broad academic background in earth and marine sciences has led to an innate understanding of the physical dynamics of the ocean.

  • Rhys McIntosh

    Numerical Modeller

    With a background ranging from inland hydrological processes to open ocean dynamics, Rhys McIntosh has a broad knowledge of the physical, biological and chemical properties of freshwater, marine and estuarine environments.

  • Jai Davies-Campbell

    Environmental Scientist

    Jai is a passionate environmental scientist with an interest in oceanography, freshwater and marine ecology, and restoration. A life spent in and around the ocean has given Jai a unique understanding of the marine environment.

About Us

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eCoast is a New Zealand based marine consulting and research company providing environmental, engineering and advanced computer modelling expertise Worldwide.

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Whatever your requirements in marine consulting and research are, eCoast’s guarantee is that we can meet your needs in a highly professional way.