eCoast specialises in strategic coastal commercial development, offering expertise in site selection, layout optimisation, and sustainable planning for various projects worldwide. eCoast emphasises the critical importance of comprehending coastal processes and marine ecology to avoid negative environmental impacts. This involves precise data collection and numerical modelling to inform the development of ports, marinas, tourism structures, and beaches, ensuring sustainable and successful outcomes.

 eCoast's consultants showcase nearly three decades of active innovation in coastal structures and environmental interactions. Our focus includes developing strategies to minimise maintenance costs, reduce environmental and social impacts, and enhance the overall efficiency of port and marina operations. This innovative approach involves finding solutions that work harmoniously with existing coastal processes, such as sediment management and strategic placement of facilities. 

eCoast's commitment to a holistic approach, prioritising engineering practices that align with nature rather than oppose it. The goal is to minimise environmental effects, proactively mitigate any remaining impacts, and ensure the efficiency and functionality of the development, embodying eCoast's dedication to sustainable and responsible coastal development.


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