eCoast collaborates closely with local and regional councils, offering innovative solutions within freshwater and marine environments. In ongoing partnerships with various councils, we focus on delivering coastal model results through accessible platforms like Google Earth Pro. This commitment to effective science communication enhances the visibility and usability of critical data for better decision-making.

Beyond specific projects, eCoast's impact in public industry solutions spans diverse environmental challenges. From providing comprehensive reports guiding management decisions to investigating sediment accumulation, we tailor our expertise to address the unique needs of each engagement.

Funded by national bodies, our studies on tsunami hazards in ports and harbours demonstrate a commitment to public safety. By combining historical data analysis and advanced modelling, we assess potential risks and guide decision-making for the greater public interest.

Our involvement in reviewing resource consents and addressing offshore mining impacts underscores our dedication to influencing public policy considerations. At eCoast, we bring a wealth of expertise to the public sector, contributing to sustainable solutions and informed decision-making.


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Whatever your requirements in marine consulting and research are, eCoast’s guarantee is that we can meet your needs in a highly professional way.