eCoast stands as a leading provider of state-of-the-art freshwater solutions, bringing advanced expertise to tackle diverse challenges in hydrodynamics, sediment transport modelling, and environmental impact assessments. Our proficiency in freshwater management is exemplified through comprehensive evaluations, where field data collection and model calibration ensure a thorough understanding of complex discharge dynamics. These methodologies form the backbone of our commitment to delivering actionable insights for sustainable water management.

In the realm of estuarine development, our numerical modelling capabilities are at the forefront. From long-term projections to instrument deployments, water sampling, and model calibration, we employ a holistic approach to provide clients with valuable information crucial for informed decision-making. Predictive modelling takes centre stage in our approach to challenges like synthetic flood waves in rivers. By integrating direct measurements of bed-load transport rates with advanced hydrodynamic modelling, we offer accurate estimates of annual transport, contributing to effective sediment dynamics management.

In projects related to mining-induced riverbed subsidence, our two-phase studies delve into hydrodynamic changes and their subsequent impact on sediment transport. This holistic approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of river equilibrium dynamics, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable freshwater solutions.

At eCoast, our freshwater expertise combines cutting-edge scientific methodologies with advanced modelling techniques, offering clients versatile and effective solutions for sustainable freshwater management.


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