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Tsunami Hazards


Tsunami Hazards

Areas of Specialisation

Field Surveys

Post-event field surveys of tsunami event.

Data Collection

Collection of historical tsunami data and paleo-tsunami studies.

Numerical Modelling

Numerical modelling of tsunami inundation.

Inundation Maps

Development of tsunami inundation maps.

ServiceTsunami Hazards

eCoast director Dr. Jose C. Borrero is a recognised world expert in the field of tsunami hazard analysis and mitigation. With over 20 years experience in the field, Dr. Borrero has worked on every aspect of tsunami science, including post-event field surveys, collection of historical tsunami data and paleo-tsunami studies, numerical modelling of tsunami inundation and the development of tsunami inundation maps. eCoast has provided these services to private industry, local municipalities, national governments and inter-governmental organisations. Most recently, eCoast have been an integral part of groundbreaking research into the effects of tsunami induced currents and the mitigation of tsunami hazards in ports, harbours and maritime facilities.

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