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Scientific Research


Scientific Research

Key Areas of Specialisation

Physical Oceanography

Sediment Transport

Coastal Protection

Multi-Purpose Reefs

Inland Wave Pools

Numerical Modelling


Ocean Outfalls

ServiceScientific Research

eCoast’s consultants all have strong personal scientific backgrounds and they recognise the value for clients of being at the forefront of research knowledge.

We undertake our own self-funded research programmes and:

  • Regularly attend national and international conference on coastal science, engineering and management
  • Blend self-funded, client-funded and government-funded research and consulting programmes
  • Assist with supervision of University graduate and undergraduate student research
  • Support government-funded NZ student research
  • Have university and research group links

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Whatever your requirements in marine consulting and research are, eCoast’s guarantee is that we can meet your needs in a highly professional way.