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Multi-Purpose Reefs


Multi-Purpose Reefs

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ServiceMulti-Purpose Reefs

Multi-Purpose Reefs (MPRs) are a type of coastal structure designed to provide coastal protection along with ecological benefits and amenity enhancements. MPRs are part of a class of coastal protection strategies that fall under the umbrella of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) or Blue Barrier Solutions for coastal problems.

In nature, reefs protect beaches by breaking waves which reduces wave energy and erosive currents. The irregular shape and rough surfaces of natural reefs provide refuge for marine organisms and promote a healthy ecosystem. Natural reefs are enjoyed regularly by people for recreational activities such as snorkelling, fishing and surfing.

eCoast scientists have participated in the planning, design and construction of a wide variety of MPRs with structures designed to promote coastal protection, reduce erosion, create habitat, and provide recreational amenities in the form of snorkelling and diving attractions and improve recreational surfing opportunities.

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