eCoast specializes in determining the best locations, shapes and layouts of ports and marinas, as well as providing planning support for expansion and developing methods to reduce maintenance costs.

The position, size and shape of ports can have a large impact on the level of wave penetration and the potential for sieching, both of which can have large impacts on port operations.  Collection of appropriate field data and numerical modelling can be applied to ensure that new developments or expansions minimise water level disturbance in the port or marina.

Understanding and finding ways to minimize one of the most costly aspects of port maintenance is an important area of our port and marina work. Keeping the channels free of sediment by minimizing dredging requirements creates economically viable port operations.

We develop the best solutions for both the layout of channels and uses of maintenance dredging spoil. Our goal for clients is to minimize environmental effects and pro-actively recommend ways to mitigate any remaining effects on the environment, while making the port efficient and functional.


  • Design Studies
  • Capital and Maintenance Dredging
  • Dredge Spoil Disposal
  • Sedimentation in Navigation Channels
  • Storm Surge
  • Wave Hindcasts/Forecast
  • Best Locations
  • Shapes and Layouts
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Oil Spill
  • Harbour Seiching
  • Infragravity Waves
  • Tsunami Impacts¬†