• Literature/data review
  • Site visit/data collection
  • Wave and tidal modelling
  • Coastal process assessment
  • Coastal hazard assessment
  • Erosion protection design


A literature/data review, historical aerial photograph analysis, field data collection (multiple wave/current meters and bathymetric survey) and calibrated numerical modelling were undertaken to determine the coastal processes operating around Yanuca Island (Shangri-La Resort). Impacts of proposed developments (mainly a bridge construction) and erosion control methods were evaluated around the lagoon island where the resort is sited. The lagoon island environment comprises 4 distinct regions which vary in their exposure to waves (wind-driven and height restricted due to the fringing reef) and tidal currents (e.g. accelerated tidal currents on the northern and eastern coasts where the Yanuca Channel separates the island from the mainland) – this required a range of different erosion mitigation strategies to be applied.