eCoast consultants are experts in measurements on the continental shelf, in estuaries and ports, and at executing studies in the harsh surf zone environment. Studies undertaken by eCoast range in scale from examining riverine algal concentrations to mesoscale upwelling.

Part of eCoast’s policy is to remain adaptive. Through years of operating equipment and performing data collection programmes, the team has become capable of adjusting to extraordinary cases that require sensitivity, are physically complex or deemed unfeasible. This is achieved by developing bespoke methods and tools to match a projects requirements.

eCoast conducts research and fieldwork to the highest of standards worldwide, even in remote locations and complex urbanised environments. Resulting studies often draw on eCoast’s superlative numerical modelling capabilities and diverse datasets, which culminate with well practised assessments in order to provide clients with coherent sustainable solutions.

With a commitment to continually expand on our capabilities, eCoast is at the forefront of its field. If there is a service you require and its details are not listed here, please contact us for an informed consultation.