eCoast uses a range of modelling tools, from the most basic through to highly sophisticated three-dimensional numerical models.

The model suite contains simulations of waves, currents, ocean/atmosphere interactions, sediment transport, oil pollution, larval transport, primary production and more. Our guarantee is that if the model doesn’t meet your requirements, we will expand the capacity until it does.

Modelling is one of eCoast’s key services, and you can access that skill through:

  • Commissioned consulting
  • eCoast’s “modelling house” services


  • 2D and 3D Hydrodynamic Modelling
  • Sediment Transport
  • Ocean Wind Waves and Swell
  • Tsunamis, Storm Surge and Long Waves
  • Flood and Inundation Modelling
  • Water Quality
  • Ecological
  • Larval Dispersal
  • Estuaries
  • Effluent Dispersion
  • Ocean Outfalls
  • River Plumes
  • Limnology