eCoast Internship

eCoast has been welcoming Kiwi and international interns and student helpers since its inception in 2012. The company generally hosts one or two interns/students at one time. A six-month commitment is preferred.

Most of the interns have come to eCoast from European institutions, particularly France, where engineering degrees require a six-month work placement for graduation. This work placement can be done in France or overseas. Students have also come from Canada, the UK, USA and New Zealand. eCoast is open to accepting students and/or recent graduates from anywhere.

Most of our New Zealand based interns have been funded through programs supported by Callaghan Innovation through the R&D Student Grants.

We provide interns exposure to the practical side of coastal consulting as well as an opportunity to work on interesting research projects. Generally, we use interns to work on research and development rather than on commercial projects. However, there are times when we bring student helpers on to assist with commercial jobs and field work.

We expect interns to have a positive attitude, disciplined academic achievement and strong fundamentals in various aspects of marine science such as physical or biological oceanography, coastal processes, coastal management. A strong background in data analysis and programming in MATLAB and/or Python or very strong GIS skills are an asset.

Leoni Heikers

Leoni Heijkers

Attended: Utrecht University
Studied: Physical Geography
Dates at eCoast: February – July 2020
Focus of Internship: Developing a coupled wave and hydrodynamic model for the Northland region.
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Jack Dignan

Attended: University of Southampton, University of Portsmouth
Studied: Geological and Environmental Hazards
Dates at eCoast: October 2019 – August 2020
Focus of Internship: Tsunami Hazard Assessment and Numerical Modelling
Current Employment: University College London
Brief Job Description: PhD Sudent
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Amardeep Singh

Attended: Massey University, New Zealand
Studied: Machine Learning
Dates at eCoast: Aug 2019 – Feb 2020
Focus of Internship: Implement a particle tracking model.
Current Employment: Research Intern at Ecoast
Brief Job Description: Ph.D. student at Massey University.
Working on Adaptive Brain-Computer Interface
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Arnaud Le Pevedic

Attended: ENSIAME
Studied: Mechanical and Energy engineering
Dates at eCoast: March 2019 – August 2019
Focus of Internship:
  • Development of tools for tsunami hazard assessment in ComMIT through the implementation of tools to model landslide tsunamis and the development of new procedures to model earthquake tsunamis using Coulomb
  • Implementation of a GPU Boussinesq model using spectral wave data from an Aquadopp
  • Implementation of a particle model running on the GPU
Current Employment: Student
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Christopher O’Day

Attended: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Studied: Mechanical Engineering
Dates at eCoast: Oct 2017 – Aug 2018
Focus of Internship:  Data analysis of Rip Curl SearchGPS watch dataset.
Current Employment: Graduate Research Assistant/Student at Oregon State University.
Brief Job Description: Assist with NSF research at the Hinsdale Wave Lab, Master’s of Science in Coastal Engineering.
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Thibault Bouard

Attended: Ecole Centrale de Nantes
Studied: Coastal Engineering
Dates at eCoast: April 2016 – Sept 2016
Focus of Internship:
  • Study of the wave propagation towards surf breaks using the software COULWAVE based on Boussinesq equations.
  • Determination of wave breaking characteristics according to the bathymetry of the site to help define the quality and attractiveness of a surf break.
Current Employment: Lead hydrodynamic engineer
Brief Job Description:

Assessment of the sloshing loads occurring within the tanks of vessels transporting liquid cargo, subject to severe environmental conditions at sea.

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Nicolas Ducharneux

Attended: Sea Tech Toulon
Studied: Maritime
Dates at eCoast: Mar – Sep 2017
Focus of Internship: – Design and conception of an artificial surfing pool.
– Hydrodynamic process–Numerical (SPH) and physical modelling.
Current Employment: – Intern as Expert in Maritime and Port Structures.
– Project of the New Littoral Road – La Reunion Island.
Brief Job Description: – Maritime work supervision : Dredging and civil engineering.
– Production of a guidebook on the design and conception of a scour protection apron for sloping breakwaters.
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Jadd Rifaï

 Attended:  Ecole Centrale de Lille
Studied:  Data science engineer
Dates at eCoast:  April – Sep 2016
Focus of Internship: • Analysis of geospatial data collected by Rip Curl SearchGPS watches.
•  Implementation of a process for data scrapping, cleaning and visualization.
•  Analysis of the weather impact on surf breaks.
Current Employment: Lead Data Scientist at Metigate
Brief Job Description: Head of the team in charge of developing and implementing machine learning models.
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Nikola Centrale

Nikola Danglade

Attended: Ecole Centrale Marseille
Studied: Coastal Engineer
Dates at eCoast: Aug 2015 – Jan 2016
Focus of Internship: – Development, calibration and analysis of a Hydrodynamic model, Firth of Thames, Piako and Waihou rivers.
– Salinity plume evolution for different scenarios.
– River Residence time with GNOME software for pollutants.
– “Hauraki Gulf, Firth of Thames, Piako and Waihou Rivers Hydrodynamic Model “.
Current Employment: Coastal Engineer at SUEZ Rivages Pro Tech
Brief Job Description: Monitoring of beach water quality, Wave modelling, Marine Energy, R&D
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Tasman McKelvey

Attended: University of Waikato
Studied: Earth Sciences
Dates at eCoast: Nov 2015 – Feb 2016
Focus of Internship: Modelling of waves in New Zealand’s nearshore coastal environment.
Current Employment: Hydrologists at Williamson Water and Land Advisory
Brief Job Description: Involves undertaking geophysical surveys, groundwater and surface water supply bore testing, all for the purpose of freshwater supply.
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Harry Dennis

Attended: Aberystwyth University, Plymouth University
Studied: Marine Ecology
Dates at eCoast: Feb 2015 – Jun 2015
Focus of Internship: Environmental impact assessments, ecological engineering, GIS coastal geomorphology
Current Employment: Founder/CEO at Waterhaul Co. & Science and Policy Officer at Surfers Against Sewage
Brief Job Description: Oversee a social-enterprise which intercepts abandoned fishing nets and recycles the material into eyewear.
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Rhys McIntosh

Attended: University of Waikato, Universidad de Granada
Studied: Environmental Hydraulics
Dates at eCoast: 2014 – May 2015, Oct 2016 – Jun 2017
Focus of Internship: Water quality modelling
Current Employment: eCoast
Brief Job Description: Hydrodynamic modelling
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Thomas Saillour

Attended: Ecole Centrale Marseille / University of Waikato
Studied: Physical Oceanography
Dates at eCoast: Apr 2014 – Nov 2014
Focus of Internship: • Development of a regional tidal model of NZ incorporating meteorological processes (wind and pressure) using Delft-3D Flow, with 2 calibration points, in Raglan & Whangamata (from 03/2014 to 09/2014).
• Modelisation of the wave induced submersion on the coast of Texas during Hurricane Ike. The storm tracks data was implemented in a moving spiderweb grid using Delft3D Wave/Flow (11/2014)
Current Employment: ARTELIA Eau & Environnement
Brief Job Description: Numerical Modeller & Coastal Scientist
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