eCoast Directors Shaw Mead and Ed Atkin are stoked to be teaming up with WhiteWater on the Endless Surf collaborative development project.

Endless Surf offers the market an inland surf experience which is achieved with providing an entertainment hub, beach chill-out zones and the adrenaline rush of surfing. Each of these elements come together to deliver the ultimate surf experience.

WhiteWater is the world’s market-leading waterpark company, and eCoast is very excited to be involved in one of their ventures.

The project takes an integrated approach where the team collaborate on a range of numerical models and applications via a shared platform. The trans-national team is spread out from Whitewater’s head office in Canada to France and New Zealand.

A variety of aspects are being refined to optimize the Endless Surf experience to the application of surf science, a niche area for eCoast, and hydrodynamics.

Each surf park venue is unique in terms of location, space available, potential clientele etc., where Whitewater’s team have already developed many of the fundamental aspects. However, the devil is in the detail, which is where eCoast is able to provide assistance.

Watch this space for new updates on this exciting new Project! We know our team cannot wait to get amongst Endless Surf’s inland surf experience!

To check out more about Endless Surf and their innovative processes, click here!