eCoast is proud to introduce our new Marine Calculators Web application which has been recently launched to the public. The application was put together by eCoast Director Dougal Greer over the past year and is now ready to be used as a tool within the industry.

The eCoast Marine Calculators web app is a collection of quick and straight forward calculators for basic marine science problems. It is inspired by the now unsupported Dalrymple applets that some may remember.

The calculators are often useful at the inception of a project when considering what processes are important in a particular setting, but they also serve an educational purpose as well.

While the app is free to use and mainly mobile-friendly, we suggest using the desktop version for better useability. eCoast intends to continue to add functionality to the app so any ideas or feedback is encouraged, and much appreciated.

In the meantime, use and enjoy!

To see how user-friendly our app is check out the video below for a quick tutorial!