As a local resident, coastguard and marine scientist, eCoast Director Ed Atkin has taken a keen interest in the Raglan Wharf Upgrade Project. The local community are planning on doing upgrades to the wharf area with a new floating dock/pontoon, coastal walkway and health and safety upgrades.

Initially, the Senior Master at Raglan’s Coastguard requested that several soundings were collected to assist with the project. However, Ed decided to take it one step further and do a full hydrographic survey of the area one Friday afternoon. Following this Ed also completed a dive inspection of the Coastguard mooring block.

This image shows an interpolated bathymetric map of the data collected during the survey.

The data was collected using an RTK-GPS (Emlid Reach RS2) and a CEEPULSE 100 Hydrographic Survey Echo Sounder. It is hoped that this comprehensive dataset, will help ensure that the project is carried out sustainably. Decision making for the design phase of project can now fall back on this survey instead of a few limited data points. The data will also be useful for the consenting process as authorities will have prior knowledge of what the depths in this area looks like.

eCoast continues to support and take part in local community projects through their commitment to engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. We look forward to sharing more initiatives, like this one, in the near future.

Image of eCoast Director Ed Atkin out in Raglan Harbour completing the wharf survey.