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Northeast Fiji reef inspection

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Dr Tim Haggitt inspects a bleached coral reef in far northeast Fiji.

The island of Maqai was hit by tropical cyclone Tomas in 2010.  The result was widespread devastation both on land and below the waterline.  eCoast’s biologists frequently visit this remote location to monitor the increasing health of the reefs.

Coromandel data collection

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As part of an ongoing project to understand sand movement in and around Whangamata, eCoast were asked to deploy multiple oceanographic instruments and collect bathymetric data over the course of a month.  To collect bathymetric data, eCoasts survey vessel, ‘Red Rocket’ was used.  The jet ski is fitted with a through-hull transducer and RTK GPS.  The jet ski was chosen over our larger survey and dive platform because of the skis unmatched manoeuvrability, stability and reliability in the surf zone, and capacity to access extremely shallow areas.

Appearance on National Geographic TV

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In March, 2013 eCoast director Jose Borrero traveled to Banda Aceh, Sumatra to film a segment for a National Geographic Television documentary entitled ‘Top Ten Natural Disasters’. The segment focused on the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. This was the first time Dr. Borrero had been back to Banda Aceh since immediately after the tsunami in 2004 and on a follow up survey in early 2005.

The program is currently airing in the USA and worldwide on National Geographic television we were able to get a copy of the segment which can be seen at the link below.  The show was produced by Pioneer Productions from the UK, a company that specializes in high end science and educational television. A lot of what you see on Discovery or National Geographic is produced by the folks at Pioneer. The show was directed by Jeremy Turner who is also very experienced in these sorts of productions. Of course the production show a lot more than what ended up in the final edit, but nevertheless, we are very happy with the final production.

Appearance on National Geographic TV ‘Top Ten Natural Disasters