Tim Haggitt has 12 years of experience in marine consulting and research and provides specialist technical advice on: marine community diversity and functioning; state of the environment reports; the design and application of monitoring programmes in order to detect and measure impacts / effects; audits of marine monitoring programmes and habitat restoration. Tim Haggitt is based in Leigh, north-eastern New Zealand and has unabridged access to Leigh Marine Laboratory, where he co-supervisors students in marine ecology. Tim Haggitt’s core area of research expertise lies in subtidal rocky reef and soft sediment community ecology.

This has led to a range of published papers in international journals and numerous technical reports. Present research interests include investigating physical factors that limit marine taxa distributions and determine habitat boundaries, concomitant with impact detection and restoration of marine habitats. Tim Haggitt is proficient in both univariate and multivariate statistical techniques, particularly those directed at detecting impacts to biological communities from activities such as drilling, sand mining, harvesting, aquaculture, and those associated with coastal development e.g., stormwater, reclamation, wastewater. Tim Haggitt is also proficient in using predictive spatial modelling to determine biodiversity and community structure over large areas of coastline (10-100s km).

Over the last 10 years, Tim Haggitt, has either managed or been associated with a diverse range of projects throughout New Zealand and Australasia.


  • PhD (Marine Ecology)
  • Master of Science (Enviro. Sci./Mar. Eco/Aquaculture.)
  • Bachelor of Science (Zoo/Bot)
  • Seaweed Australasia


  • Marine Ecology – 12 years
  • Biological Statistics – 10 years
  • Contract/Project Management – 8 years

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