Shaw Mead’s background in coastal oceanography and marine ecology, specialising in numerical modelling, coastal processes, erosion control, coastal amenity enhancement and ecological assessment, allows him to effectively bridge the multi-disciplinary gap between physical processes and marine ecological impacts.  Shaw has worked as an environmental consultant for over 20 years in New Zealand and worldwide, and regularly works internationally, having published 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals, and jointly produced over 200 technical reports pertaining to a wide range of marine developments. Recent coastal projects he has been involved in required the design and assessment of physical and ecological effects of marine construction, coastal process investigations, dredging, oil industry and aquaculture ventures.

Dr. Mead’s career is focused on the application of environmental science for sustainable development and the management of environmentally beneficial projects, and, like his partners at eCoast, he actively seeks ways to provide clients and the community with well-balanced solutions to coastal management.


  • PhD (Coastal Oceanography)
  • Master of Science (Enviro. Sci./Mar. Eco/Aquaculture.)
  • Bachelor of Science (Zoo/Bot)
  • Member of New Zealand Coastal Society (IPENZ)
  • Member of the New Zealand Marine Science Society


  • Marine Ecology – 21 years
  • Contract/Project Management – 17 years
  • Coastal oceanography – 20 years
  • Coastal development projects – 18 years

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