Sam O’Neill’s passion for the ocean and coastal environment, together with his broad academic background in earth and marine sciences has led to an innate understanding of the physical dynamics of the ocean. With interests in atmosphere-ocean interaction, coastal geomorphology, surf zone dynamics and numerical modelling, Sam maintains an active involvement in both offshore and nearshore oceanography.

In a collaboration with the Bureau of Meteorology, Sam completed his Master’s degree at the University of Melbourne, Australia’s top ranked university. His research focussed on wind, wave and current driven dynamics at the ocean surface with particular emphasis placed on the Victorian mesoscale coastal-water surface drift structure and the greater Southern Ocean circulation regime. Through the application of both observational and theoretical methods, Sam has gained a thorough understanding of oceanographic data acquisition/analysis and numerical modelling techniques.


  • MSc in Oceanography
  • BSc in Earth and Ocean Sciences
  • Member of the New Zealand Coastal Society (IPENZ)
  • Member of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS)


  • Oceanographer – 5 years
  • Field Data Collection – 7 years
  • Data Analysis – 7 years

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