With a background ranging from inland hydrological processes to open ocean dynamics, Rhys McIntosh has a broad knowledge of the physical, biological and chemical properties of freshwater, marine and estuarine environments. Rhys specialises in modelling changes in hydrology, hydrodynamics and water quality under specific scenarios, as well as presenting model results in a web-based interactive format.

In 2015 Rhys travelled to Granada, Spain to study a Master in Environmental Hydraulics, specialising in the Integral Management of Ports and Coastal Zones. In his master’s thesis, which was undertaken in conjunction with eCoast, Rhys developed a method for modelling faecal coliform concentrations in Raglan Harbour. This process involved developing a suitable rainfall-runoff model to produce river flows, using multivariate linear regression to determine a relationship between coliform concentrations and an explanatory variable and modelling both hydrodynamics and water quality in Delft3D FLOW and Delwaq respectively.


  • Master in Environmental Hydraulics
  • BSc with a double major in Environmental Science and Earth Sciences
  • Member of the New Zealand Coastal Society (IPENZ)


  • Environmental Scientist – 1 year
  • Scientific Intern – 2 years
  • Research Assistant – 1 year

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