With a background in mathematical and computational sciences such as physics, statistics and adaptive systems, Dougal Greer has a fundamental understanding of the principles governing physical oceanic processes. Dougal works primarily in the area of numerical modelling, but he also has a keen interest in statistical and other forms of data analysis.

Dougal has been working as a physical oceanographer for 6 years and more broadly as a research assistant and data analyst for 10 years, and he has worked on a broad range of projects. Areas of specialisation include modelling sediment dynamics; oil, pollutant and nutrient dispersal; larvae dynamics, primary production modelling and analysis and modelling of great tsunami events all of which have been applied at numerous worldwide locations. Working for 6 years at ASR Ltd his breadth of experience has been broad, from project development to field data collection to data analysis and numerical modelling to technical writing.


  • Graduate Diploma in Statistics
  • MSc (distinction) in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems COGS
  • BSc (Hons) Physics with Computing
  • Member of New Zealand Coastal Society (IPENZ)


  • Coastal Oceanography – 6 years
  • Data Analysis – 10 years
  • Field Data Collection – 5 years

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