eCoast is a New Zealand-based marine and freshwater consultancy providing expert technical and advisory services to both public and private sector clients in NZ, Australasia, the Pacific and around the world.  eCoast’s consultants have a wide range of oceanography expertise and experience in both physical and biological processes, with core areas of high-level expertise –


  • COMPLEX NUMERICAL MODELLING of coastal processes and impacts of activities – dispersion (effluent, oil, hyper-saline plumes, chemicals, pollutants, etc), sediment transport, waves, coastal structures, impacts on mangroves/seagrass and a range of other parameters in 2D and 3D.

  • BEACH PROTECTION STRATEGIES – development of holistic adaptive management plans for existing conditions and sea level rise resilience and adaptation, including hybrid-solutions combining the most compatible physical and biological solutions for each specific site.

  • TSUNAMI MODELLING – development of source, propagation and inundation assessments.

  • FIELD DATA COLLECTION – experience and capacity to collect data pertaining to waves, currents, salinity, bathymetry, sediment suspension, and the whole range of additional parameters.

  • MONITORING AND BIO-STATISTICS – design and capacity for monitoring of biological and physical processes and impacts due to coastal developments.

  • SURF SCIENCE – classification of surfbreak quality, the mechanics that create the break and impacts of coastal activities.

  • EXPERT WITNESSES – expert experience in physical and biological processes.